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Opportunities for collaboration:

For CFD developer using OpenFOAM technology

Planning the subsequent use of your OpenFOAM implementation when applying for research projects


Integration at the start of a collaborative research project at the application stage has several advantages: The exploitation of the results achieved in the project can be outlined as early as the application stage. This exploitation and the associated tasks can be defined in advance in a cooperation agreement.

During project processing, both the input conditions (e.g. geometry input, meshing strategy, etc.) and the subsequent implementation (e.g. cloud vs. in-house solutions) can be closely coordinated with the problem definition.

This can increase the chances of project approval, as the subsequent commercial exploitation of the results is also directly taken into account.

Integration of the possibility of utilising your development in the course of a research project.


Sometimes a research project develops into a self-runner:

While it is not yet clear at the start of the project whether all the scientific hurdles can be overcome, over the course of the project there is a lively interest from industry in being able to use the developed methodology in their own companies. Here we can provide our partners with a flexible quote for the efficient use of the OpenFOAM functionality we have developed.

During the project term, interfaces and framework conditions can usually be easily adapted.

Provision of the use of your OpenFOAM development for project partners and other interested parties after the end of the project


It is not uncommon for sophisticated and outstanding extensions to disappear into oblivion, as there is no possibility of maintaining these solutions in the scientific environment.

It is also often associated with considerable hurdles to provide non-OpenFOAM experts with easy access to these solutions.

This is particularly unfortunate if there is considerable interest from the industry in using the functionality. We support you with our automated setup tools.

Have you developed an OpenFOAM solver that your partners would like to use in an automated CFD tool?

On this page we would like to inform you about the possibilities of co-operation with OpenFOAM developers.

Comprehensive extensions for OpenFOAM are often developed for a specific application as part of research projects or dissertations. Even if industry partners are involved in the project, the innovative developments often disappear after the end of the project and are no longer used.

The reason for this is often that many users in the industrial environment find OpenFOAM too difficult to use. The later user has little time to learn the functionalities, such as the more complex, text file-based case setup and meshing, on top to their day-to-day business.

One option here is to provide the end user with an automated setup: Your solver is combined with our automated workflow and the end user only has to enter their simulation parameters into a web interface.

Simply contact us if you are interested in sustainable economic utilisation and simple implementation of your extensions with OpenFOAM for your users.

We guarantee you a fair and trusting co-operation in which you decide which tasks you would like to continue to take on for the end user (e.g. user support) and which components of the solver you would like to make available to us. Accordingly, we work with you to develop a transparent pricing model for the end user, in which your achievements and effort are honoured accordingly.

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Your advantages of working with us:

● You strengthen the bond with your industrial users and thus win them over more easily for your scientific follow-up projects.

● You demonstrate the relevance of your research to the project management organisation, making it easier to acquire follow-up projects

● You or your institute have additional financial income from the commercialisation of your research by industry

● The time required for the commercial exploitation of your development is relatively low for you and you can concentrate on your scientific research.

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