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About us

"Our vision is to combine the excellent open source CFD technology with our customized, commercial systems in order to precisely meet the individual requirements of our customers."

Dr. Ulrich Heck

Managing Director DHCAE Tools GmbH

The use of serious and well-founded simulation methods is a central concern for us. For this reason, DHCAE Tools has been a member of  NAFEMS  

Who we are

Dr. Ulrich Heck


Martin Becker

Senior Software Engineer

Pouria Kamali

Student Assistant CFD

Sibylle Heck


DHCAE Tools-Nafems


Ulrich Heck

Martin Becker

DHCAE Tools-Simmetrix

Simmetrix: Simmetrix has been our partner for pre-processing technology, in particular CAD model preparation and meshing, for 15 years.

Before 2009:

Performance of CFD calculation services with Fluent, ADINA (FSI) and OpenFOAM by Dr. Ulrich Heck as a freelancer


Foundation of DHCAE Tools GmbH for software sales and focus on software development and services for OpenFOAM, whereby the calculation services provided continue to represent the entry point for many companies for later in-house use.

First software tool: CastNet GUI is launched on the market: First pre-processing tool for OpenFOAM for in-house use with meshing, CAD import and automation functionality


Participation in the EU project: CloudSME: Development of an interface to our OpenFOAM monitoring software for the use of computing resources in the cloud (e.g. AWS)


Extensive OpenFOAM extension for filtration applications to be presented at Filtech exhibition and conference


Participation in the EU project: CloudFlow: Development of a digital twin in the cloud for extrusion tools, FSI application (coupling CFD/FEM for the expansion of slot dies)


Presentation of a comprehensive tool for atomization modeling with OpenFOAM (transition from VoF to Lagrange modeling)   


BMWK lightweight construction project: Development of an automated workflow for cooling titanium components with subsequent creep modeling

Are you more interested in a "multi-purpose" CFD application with open-source solver technology, where you create grids for your different applications yourself, define the solution procedures for the different methods yourself and calculate on your own resources?

Or would you like to start with an CFD engineering project first and possibly get into CFD later?

Then visit our special website with engineering, pre-processing solutions and details on our OpenFOAM extensions for filtration applications and atomization.


We regularly present our developments at the NAFEMS conferences.

NAFEMS is an independent, non-profit association that focuses on the practical application of numerical engineering simulation techniques, such as the finite element method for structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics and multi-body simulation.

We are an active member of the association's advisory committee (NAFEMS CFD Advisory Board (CAB)) for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH). CAB supports and advises the NAFEMS DACH Steering Committee on CFD matters, e.g. seminars, regional conferences and other activities.  

Excerpt from our company history with important milestones in the area of our OpenFOAM extensions and automation solutions:

In the area of automation and digital twins, we can also use abstract modeling as an option in model creation. This makes it possible to automatically process design studies of variants with large geometric differences in a model. This means that CFD models can be created very quickly on the basis of CAD core data as well as discrete input data.

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